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Friday November 24 11am-8pm; Saturday November 25 10am-5pm; Sunday November 26 10am-4pm
$3 1 day admisison; $6 3 day weekend pass; $15 vip admission (10am Friday entry & autograph line priority)
Admission & Autograph tickets are Cash Only and sold only at the show


3x Word Series Champ -Reds HOF

17x All Star - NLMVP - ASMVP

NLROY - 2x Gold Glove - All Century

Silver Slugger - 3x Batting Champ

Roberto Clemente Award

Saturday November 25th 11am-1pm

Balls/Flats $60

Jersey/Bat/Equipment $90

Sorry I Bet/Auto $90

Short Inscription $20 (max 3)

1 Free Inscription w/Auto: 4192, 4256, Hit King


7x All Star - Reds HOF - Pirates HOF

2x World Series Champ - NLMVP

3x Gold Glove - 3x Silver Slugger

2x Batting Champ

Time/Date TBA

Balls/Flats $40

Jersey/Bat/Equipment $60

No Inscriptions


2x World Series Champ

Reds HOF -4x Gold Glove

Friday November 24th 5pm-7pm

Saturday November 25th 11am-1pm

Cards $60

Balls/Flats $80

Jersey/Bat/Equipment $100

Short Inscriptions $30


2x World Series Champ

Friday November 24th 5pm-7pm

Saturday November 25th 2pm-4pm

Balls/Flats $35

Jersey/Bat/Equipment $50

Short Inscriptions $15

For show information contact Steve Schell at

For Autograph Mail Order or Drop Off info contact Jon O'Connor at

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